Mass emailing people who have never heard of your company or product is called spam. It doesn't matter how one wishes to rephrase such a process; spamming is spamming.

GDPR (known as the General Data Protection Regulation)

This European law states email subscribers must opt-in before receiving any emails from you. GDPR does not apply to businesses in Europe, but all consumers in Europe. In short, if you have potential customers residing in Europe, do not cold email them.

The CAN-SPAM Act is the law that regulates commercial emails in the United States. It prohibits sending bulk unsolicited emails. I've seen some vendors advertised their list as 100% CAN-SPAM compliant. That is partially accurate--these contacts might have opted-in to their business (vendors) and most definitely NOT yours because 1) vendors do not know they were going to sell these contacts to you; 2) these contacts have never heard of you.

Taking such a short cut will hurt you in the long run. Here is a behind-the-scene work email providers to identify your email as spam:


Internet Service Providers (ISPs) tracks the frequency of their clients opening and clicking through emails. When the frequency is high, ISP routes future emails straight to the inbox. When the frequency is low, it routes to the spam folder.


Picture yourself standing on the stage, sharing the success of your marketing effort. Will you be applauded or booed when disclosing your purchased email lists? Will you even dare to share such information, to begin with?

I didn't think so.

Build/Grow Your List. Don't Buy Your List.