I've always appreciated stand-up comedians, clean stand-up comedians. About a year ago, I discovered Dry Bar comedy, and it's been my go-to YouTube channel. Another one I recently found is an ongoing stand-up comedian competition in China.

Despite different languages, I came to an epiphany that these comedians are marketing gurus!

Great storyteller!

Almost all of them write their own content, especially when they first kicked off this new venture (great writers).

Whether in English or Chinese, phrases or terms that are too advanced normally would not receive the desired outcome (use the language at the audience's level, not yours).

Continuous testing their content

Show after show, these comedians would review and revise parts engaged the audience (high-performance content), and parts did not go as well (low-engagement content). They would use parts that brought peals of laughter repeatedly in other shows (data-driven) and deliver the same joke differently (repurposing content).

Every now and then, they would run into a tough crowd, but it does not discourage them. These comedians return to their hotel room, modify the content, and off to the next show.

Two days ago, I had a conversation with a fellow marketer about how some small businesses, startups specifically, give up on their marketing efforts prematurely. If you think about it, marketing is no different from being on a diet. Crash diets will never deliver long-term results. When one fails to stick to the diet, all the unwanted weight will gain back faster than losing them.


Comedians also know (or learned the hard way) jokes appreciated in one state might not be appreciated elsewhere. They need to modify how the joke is said and delivered accordingly. They live and breathe audience's reaction.

Dare to be Spontaneous

While they're on stage, they pay close attention to the reaction of the audience (monitoring data). On some occasions, they will throw in a joke or two (content) that weren't included in the original script. They aren't afraid of making such impromptu adjustment to reach their ultimate goal--which remains the same at all times--uncontrollably laughter from their audience.


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