Yesterday I watched a movie called Miracles from Heaven. To my surprise, the story took place not far from me. It's about a girl who suffered a rare disease but was fully cured after her near-death experience. The mother who had lost her faith throughout the journey later realized miracles were everywhere. And in her belief, miracles were God.

What touched me the most is that as the mother talked about the miracles at the end of the film, flashbacks of various

encounters appeared one after another. As I watched the movie, I thought to myself, aww, at each flashback. Not even I realized these were miracles. No spoil alert if you haven't seen the movie. You can catch it on IMDb.

A dream-come-true opportunity took an unexpected turn and came to a halt in the past month or so. What meant to be a few days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months. There was nothing any of us could've done to expedite the process.

My initial cry out was Why? Just why?

All of a sudden, I have all the time I never had before. Between panic and go with the flow, I went with the latter. By now, almost 50, I have learned to let go of the things I have no control of.

Throughout what appeared to be the wait time, I wrote more posts for this blog. I took a course on Coursera on Social Psychology. Absolutely fascinating. I was able to drive my son to and from the doctor's when he had minor surgery. I also had the time I did not use to have to be involved with a movement called the Ordinary Angels. Similar to our everyday miracles. That is not it. After so many years, I was finally able to pick up drawing pencils and complete a sketch of my dear mother!

These are my miracles (and more) during what could've been a depressing, self-pity circumstance. As the tide turns to stay; we resume living in our dream and doing our dream work next week, I can say that I am fully refreshed from this much-needed break.

The tide has turned to stay, for the universe has the right of way. -The Magic Path of Intuition