For all moms out there -- if you think labor pain was the worst part you'll ever endure being a parent, let me tell you that's just the beginning of the pain we must go through in the journey of parenthood.

Let's cut the chase...

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can be more painful than to see your child fail. What's worse is that if you're a level-headed parent, you know you have to allow it because it might just be one of the greatest lessons your child needs to learn and makes him that much stronger.

Teach my child to embrace every challenge, every failure almost seems hypocritical. The parent side of me is teaching to be strong, to turn adversity into opportunity.

Yet, the human side of me wishes I have a magic wand, so this process does not have to be as painful.

You would think it gets easier as your child grows older. It doesn't. On the contrary, your heart aches more as you proudly, and painfully, witness your child maturely handle the next challenge on his own.

Of course, it does not help when your child is involved in some sort of competitive activities such as the annual Drum Corps International (DCI) auditions. Thousands of dollars out the door just during the auditioning season leaves you no cash left for therapy.

Once your child is contracted (Yay!), your relationship and communication with your child would then heavily rely on Life360 while he enjoys this once-in-a-life-time priceless experience every second throughout the summer. Except this priceless experience runs between $3500-$5300. However, by then you're so proud of your child, you find yourself looking at the credit card bill with a huge smile on the face.

When Collin came home with his first D, we went for ice cream to celebrate. Why would a third-grade teacher giving young kids a D is another story. I am glad I did that. At a young age, it is instilled in his mind that failing isn't the end of world, and it does not define who he is. What sets him different is how quickly he picks himself up, finds humor in it, and move on.

I, as a parent, have not reached the ZEN level. I am not sure if I ever will.