Lead a Mission-Driven Team

When asked Richard Branson if he could boil it down to just ONE valuable business advice to everyone, he replied:

“It’s all about finding and hiring people smarter than you.  Getting them to join your business and giving them good work.  Then getting out of their way and trusting them… And here’s the main thing… you must make them see their work as a MISSION.”

Your employees need to see their work as a mission.

When you witness low employee engagement and see most of your employees do not look for ways to maximize their contribution or even demonstrate initiatives, you know they aren’t seeing their work as a mission. 

That said, there are also cases when the employee is eager to do a great job and go above and beyond but ended up being frustrated as their efforts are being blocked by the upper management as they’re failing to see the bigger picture. 

I cringed when I see the large number of unhappy employees and formal employees reviewing their ass bosses on Glassdoor. 

So how can you provide a work environment filled with positive vibes?

  1. Set all of your employees up for success.  If you would like to get the best out of your talent, you’ve got to invest your time in them.  Would you feed your Pharaoh Hound or Tibetan Mastiff cheapest dog food? I didn't think so.  When you look at each employee, are you able to recall their strength without flipping through their resume?  You have to know them to help them grow.

  2. Make sure everyone is on the same page.  When was the last time you asked your employee company’s mission?  Before you jump out of your chair, please make sure that your mission isn’t measured by sales revenue.  When you set your mission to be revenue-driven, you are setting your company up for short term gain and long term failure. 

  3. Provide an adequate support to your employees. How? You ask.  It is as simple as to listen, observe, and ask.  Is it possible they are spending most of their day working on time consumed low-value work? Are you telling them what to do or utilizing their strength and skills?  

  4. To inspire and be inspired™.  Start each day with the positive mindset of looking forward to inspiring your team and be inspired by your team – both equally important.  This is the best way to avoid becoming an ego-driven leader.

I cannot emphasize the importance in building a healthy and positive company culture enough.  It is impossible to create such environment when you’re leading with ego rather than passion.  Utilize your employees’ talent – do not ask a bird to swim nor a fish to fly.  Happy employees create loyalty. 

A leader leads a mission-driven team while a boss leads a group of bitter employees. What would you like to be?