Dealing with shameless favor seeker

All of us have known a Frank at some point in our lives.

Frank never bothers to check in on you. Not a pure "How's going?" or "All is well?"

Yet, Frank sees no wrong in throwing not-so-small favors out of the blue with the expectancy of your undying loyalty to fulfill it (or them) in a timely fashion.

During that very intimate moment, you are Frank's blood brother/sister.

Once favors are delivered or declined (which I applaud you!), the relationship resets to factory defaults in no time.

Frank would be the one to abuse the generosity of pro bono. The word “thank you” out of his mouth holds just about as much sincerity as, let’s say, none. To top it off, Frank treats kind-hearted pro bono providers as if he was overpaying them. His obsession with taking advantage of people makes drug addicts look like saints.

In the current social media era, Facebook specifically, Frank-like individuals sprout overnight and take this shameless behavior to the next level.

People whom I attended elementary school with more than 30 years ago, and never talked to each other back then, see no biggie to ask to stay at your home, free of charge. That's level 1.

Level 2 are people asking you to purchase and ship items to them because you happen to live in the country or area where the items are produced.

Shamelessly favor seeker of the century award, however, goes to the wife of a friend's brother's cousin's school friend who sat three rows behind, but our neighbors once upon a time played in the same park many years ago. She finds absolutely no issue in having her teen stays with us for the entire summer because she thought it would be cool.

And she cannot understand why such a brilliant idea was declined.

The more I know people, the more I realize why Noah only let animals on the boat.