A Simple Act of Courage

Collin loves his part-time job. He appreciates the environment and the fact he's always learning from his teammates. Most of all, he loves his boss.

However, the environment wasn't like this some years ago. The boss wasn't treating his staff with the same amount of respect nor appreciation which led to a high turnover rate and unhappy customers.

So how did this workplace change?


It started when a young man took the courage to stand up and speak the truth even though it might create conflict and tension. A courageous parent who chose to support this young man's action because of being in harmony with their personal value is far more important than to give in and fit in.

Fortunately, the chain of courage did not stop here.

The ultimate courage came from this boss to admit, accept and acknowledge "I was wrong, and I am going to do it right henceforth."

Three heroes! Three courageous heroes who were willing to get uncomfortable to do the right thing.

Anais Nin, a French-American novelist, once wrote "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage," and I couldn't agree more!