3 Essential Questions for Your Potential Employer

You’ve knocked out every question from your potential employer! Well, except for one last question, “Do you have any questions for me?”  Yes! Interviewing is a two-way street.  Asking about benefits, promotion opportunities, and job descriptions are great!  Don’t forget, though, there are other fantastic questions to help you find out if this workplace is for you:

1.  How diverse is the company?

Why?   Balance and equality not only create a harmonious workplace but also drive business performance.

Fact:    Almost all non-diverse workplaces do not offer a fair opportunity for advancement, and employees do not feel valued.

2.  How has this company changed or inspired your life? 

Why?   Employers who struggle to answer this question are not capable of offering mentorship, let alone advancement opportunities.

Fact:    Anyone who isn’t inspired by their work is not able to inspire others.


3.   What is your vision for the company in the next three years?

Why?  You want to be in a positive environment for work, but if the employer’s vision for the company is solely revenue-driven, then chances are you might not be along for a happy ride.

Fact:    All revenue-driven employers will not provide a positive workplace.  For startups, 99% of failing businesses are revenue-driven.